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The Diverse Plants of St. George, Utah

The Diverse Plants of St. George, Utah

Some people may think that it is near impossible to grow plants in the desert.  Without enough water and too much heat many plants can die without the proper weather.  St. George can get pretty hot in the summer time.  It is a desert after all, but with the proper care and maintenance many plants can grow and even somewhat thrive in the St. George climate.

With the right kinds of plants your St. George home can look beautiful.  Landscaping is an important part of a good home.  There are many types of palm trees that can grow in the St. George area.  Many people think that only cacti can grow in the desert.  While it is true that you can plant cacti and they will survive.  You can also plant many other plants that will change the aesthetics of your home and give variety to the area.

The different types of palms include: Mexican Fan Palms, Wild Date Palm, Mediterranean Fan Palm, Blue Mexican Palm, California Palm.

You can also grow many different types of citrus fruits such as oranges, St. George dwarf orange treelemons and limes.

Check out St. George Citrus Palm and More to learn more about what types of plants are in St. George and the surrounding area.

You can also check out the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve

Plants (trees, shrubs, wildflowers, cacti, yucca)



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