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Reasons to settle down in a St. George City Home

Reasons to settle down in a St. George City Home

Welcome to the Beautiful and Sunny Side of Southern Utah!

St. George City Homes is owned and operated by Wil Potter.  With over a decade and more of premium experience, Wil has had the opportunity to help thousands of locals and also people outside of Utah, buy and sell their homes and land in St. George.

There are many reasons to settle down in this perfect, sunny oasis here in Southern Utah.  We just wanted to give you a few:

  1. More Sun = More Fun: With the seasons always changing in Utah, there are many different kinds of people that settle down here in Saint George.  Often times, the people that stay here for good, like the warm sun even during the coldest times of the year.  Sometimes there are people that are what we like to call: “Snowbirds” They will post up here for the winter, yet go back to their homes wherever they may be for skiing and getaways, during the holidays, but always come back right after the holidays.
  2. Thriving Businesses: St George has been deemed as one of the most innovative places to start a business.  Why? because there are a lot of fresh retiree’s and vacation families located here.  This doesn’t mean that the jobs aren’t flourishing, it just means that there is a lot more room for growth for small-medium sized businesses in Utah.  Northern Utah is home to some of the biggest technology-based companies in the U.S., like Adobe, Twitter, IM-Flash and more.  St. George is a great place to be where you can locally capture mom and pop shop clientele, and also get your business foot in the door for major growth.
  3. A Mini Beach House: Though there isn’t an actual beach here in Southern Utah, there are plenty of wet, fun places to be.  With pools at almost every corner, you can relax as you work, and also have a place in the country-side fields to relish your million-dollar ideas.
  4. Location: Lots of people like the fact that Saint George is close to the beautiful sunny arizona and Lake Powell.  It is also an hour away from the shiny lights of Las Vegas Nevada and a closer drive than you would think to the beaches of Southern California.  This location has is central and not south to some of the best vacation spots in the Western United States.
  5. Community Help: If you are looking for a place to retire for good, there are not only plenty of benefits for our amazing veterans and seniors, but also plenty of organizations that help people around the world like: facilities for troubled youth, and facilities for research patients struggling with many different medical issues.  St. George is also a place where you can feel comfortable being in the beautiful red cliff mountainous climates to get the fresh air you and your family/friends deserve.

There are so many other reasons to be in St. George ranging from physical mountain fun to iconic national parks close by.  This list is literally just some of our top reasons and Potter realty has helped accommodate families of all walks of life find exactly what they are looking for.




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