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As a life long resident of Washington County, Syndi Potter offers in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market, as well as of the area’s schools, services, cultural and recreational activities as the “Downtown Expert.” In addition, her enthusiasm for helping people find or sell their homes abounds whether the transaction is a first time home buyer or a couple divorcing and selling to move on. “I’m not doing this solely for the commissions,” Syndi says. “I believe after traveling the world and becoming aware that many countries don’t allow the freedom to purchase land or homes, I am literally honored to assist people in achieving the most prized possession one can acquire, a place to call home.”

Syndi acquired her passion for homes and real estate at an early age. Her father is an investor who regularly continues to purchase, sell and resell homes, and her mother is talented artist. As a Realtor, she has seen her hobbies and passion combine to become her career. Spending much time with her brothers who are realtors, most extracurricular events consist of real estate!

Syndi’s clients and colleagues alike appreciate her honesty, integrity, organizational skills, and ability to negotiate win-win transactions. She excelled in the Mediation training at the UCCR where she obtained her Mediation Certificate when volunteering as a mediator at the Washington County School District Truancy Program. Her mediation experience has lead her to specialize in court order sales of divorcing couples. Her open minded, “eliminate the box,” mentality has assisted many divorcing families sell or save their investments during difficult times.

She is known as well for her intuition and compassion, which translate into her natural ability to put clients first, and to a dedication to giving back to her community. She spent three years volunteering in Haiti, and Ethiopia. Having four children and an overall love of children, she also contributes to Ethiopian Hope Arising Foundation and The Foundation For Children in Need.

“Homeownership is a more than an investment, owning a home is the right by which God founded this great country.”

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St. George, Utah